Robotics sees boost post-COVID-19

Manufacturers have been turning to robotics over the past few years to automate repetitive tasks, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. While these benefits are still driving interest in robot workers, COVID-19 has introduced a new motivation: worker health. 

Companies are using robotics to keep operations running with fewer on-site employees and, more importantly, to maintain social distancing between workers. Robotics can be a big investment, though, making it difficult for many smaller companies to make the leap. This is leading to an interest in robotics-as-a-service, which requires a lower capital investment and a faster implementation time. The robotics-as-a-service approach enables smaller companies to maintain operations, enforce social distancing, and keep up with larger competitors. You can read more about how COVID-19 is driving a demand for robotics here. As always, we encourage you to visit our blog and other resources for detailed information and best practices pertaining to IoT and embedded systems.