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Monitor, manage, and track your devices and critical assets

The market abounds with products billing themselves as “asset management solutions”, but by and large they require you to purchase their asset tracking devices, and manage your assets their way. If you’re looking to add tracking and remote management to your own devices, or to assets that offer alternative sources of data

What we offer

Maestro - geolocation and status platform

Maestro is a customizable asset geolocation and status information platform that shows you the exact information you need to make efficient decisions, all in one place. You can use it as is, through its vendor-neutral interfaces and flexible configuration system or – if your needs are more specific, or unique to your business – we can customize the application to suite those needs. Think of Maestro as a way to seamlessly add asset geo tracking and management to your product or service.

COVID Callout:

Don’t send anyone into the field that you don’t need to.

If your products or systems require servicing in the field, maintaining safety and social distancing during this pandemic can be difficult unless you know exactly when and where you need to send your employees. The days of estimating, for example, the right time to refuel a generator based on usage patterns are over – you certainly don’t want to expose an operator to a site visit only to “top off” a nearly-full tank. With Maestro you can add a sensor to your assets, track and monitor all of them on a map, and plan your truck rolls with maximum efficiency and safety.

Maestro provides a single, easy to understand view of your assets and the data that’s important to you, so you can limit your employees’ exposure while saving time and labor costs.


Single view

Find all of the data you care about in one place.

Built for You

Your needs are unique. Maestro is customized for each customer.

Scale up

Maestro scales with you, helping you reduce your maintenance costs as your ramp up.

Want to see more?

Contact us to see it in action, and to discuss what it can do for you.


What kind of assets does this work for?

Maestro’s IoT platform is customizable for nearly limitless applications. You can use it for fixed, permanent assets (such as machinery used on a factory floor) or for mobile equipment (ranging from power tools to vehicles). If your assets report their position, Teapot will track them for you. If your fixed assets don’t provide that data, you can enter it manually so you still get the geospatial view of what is happening where.

Do I need special hardware to track my assets?

Maestro can support a wide variety of tracking devices, including many off-the-shelf devices, your own custom devices, and sensors we offer. Many devices work with the basic application, while others may require us (or you) to develop a custom device interface.

We have customers tracking data provided from mobile phones, and we even have customers tracking assets with no hardware at all: just based on status emails being sent on a regular basis from the field.

What kind of information can I see?

Location, temperature, humidity, pressure… the list goes on. If there is a way to measure it, and a device to provide the data, Maestro can show it to you.

How do I view my assets?

Out of the box, Maestro provides a map with customizable, color-coded location pins for the assets you’re tracking. You can interact with the information directly on that map, or you can view it as a list if you prefer.