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Embedded Software Development and Consulting
for the Internet of Things

Software Design Solutions provides consulting and embedded software development services. We use our knowledge and expertise to solve problems at every stage of application development. Companies can either hand off projects for us to develop for them, or we can join the existing customer team to provide experienced engineers with little or no ramp time. They can also leverage our decades of embedded software expertise to learn new best practices in agile embedded software development.

The best part? Our experienced staff is full-time and permanent, so most companies can work with the same people on multiple projects.

To learn more about what we do and how we do it, read about our services, or contact us.

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IoT User Experience design: 5 tips for success

When we think about the User Experience (UX), many of us think about this in terms of applications and websites, but in today’s connected world, we also need to think about it in terms of IoT. However, designing for the Internet of Things presents some unique challenges for developers.

Improve IoT security with machine learning

Improve IoT security with machine learning

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