continuous integration white paper

Continuous Integration (CI) in Agile development requires you to constantly build and release new and improved versions of your product. Releases typically take place in short increments—every two to three weeks—with each release adding some new capabilities or features.

These short sprint periods of code building need to be done smoothly. Agile development simply does not allow for long hold-ups while you try to locate errors in your code and fix them.

Over the years, we have worked with clients across multiple disciplines on projects ranging from industrial systems to medical devices. Our experience has taught us many things about CI and automated testing—some of which may actually surprise you.

CI and automated testing are two key pieces to Agile software development. CI requires developers to check code into a common repository on a frequent basis. The code is verified, and any issues are addressed before the next phase of work can begin. Errors are identified and remediated quickly, so the latest version of your software is always ready for production.

SDS is pleased to offer a free white paper providing expert knowledge around CI and automated testing, which will help you maximize your continuous integration and automation testing for smooth Agile development.