On June 6th in Santa Clara, CA, Ed Kuzemchack, SDS CTO and Director of Embedded and IoT Engineering, held a standing-room only talk about IoT projects in the Industrial space. Newcomers and veterans alike from both IoT and Industrial sectors attended to hear the unique perspective Ed offered.

The trouble with Industrial IoT systems is that the sensors they use are often outdated, and provide limited bandwidth to the cloud. Old Edge nodes and the Cloud are—in simple terms—too far away from each other. The vast gulf between them has, in recent years, been dubbed “The Fog,” and it’s where onsite data is processed. The Fog provides a great place for Industrial IoT projects to do the heavy lifting for Machine Learning.

Ed’s talk discussed Industrial IoT projects, where Fog-based machine learning has been used for image classification, convolutional neural network processing, and data reduction. His viewpoint is very specific and practical, built from years of extensive experience in this space, and the lecture he gave was designed to produce takeaways you can immediately act upon.

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