fog conference 2018

Ed Kuzemchak, CTO and Director of IoT at Software Design Solutions (SDS), is presenting at Fog World Congress on Monday, October 1, 2018 to discuss Machine Learning (ML) in the Fog for Industrial IoT.

Kuzemchak’s presentation, scheduled for 11:45 am on October 1, will discuss IoT projects in the Industrial space where Fog-based ML has been used in image classification, convolutional neural network processing, and data reduction.

Industrial IoT systems often use sensors that are outdated and lack the necessary bandwidth to reach the cloud. The Fog is the space between these old edge nodes and the cloud, where onsite data can be processed. Data analysis performed at the Fog is drastically faster, providing real-time insights on Industrial systems.

The Fog operates close to the data sources, but has enough power and bandwidth to make processing more robust than simple edge processing. It is the ideal place to do the heavy lifting of ML in Industrial IoT projects.

Kuzemchak’s extensive experience in embedded engineering and IoT systems gives him a very practical viewpoint. He developed this lecture to provide actionable takeaways for the Industrial IoT industry, including real-world examples and best practices.

Fog World Congress explores the technology, deployments, and challenges of Fog computing and networking. The conference runs from October 1 – 3 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in San Francisco, CA.

For more information on Kuzemchak’s upcoming presentation and to request a copy of the presentation slides, click here.