IoT Application Security — How to Protect Your Users and Your Bottom Line

In this white paper, we take a closer look at the vulnerabilities in IoT devices and the steps you need to take to defend yourself against attacks.

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Inside the 15-page white paper you'll learn about...

Securing IoT applications using a wide array of new technologies and systems

Overcoming traditional roadblocks and challenges of IoT application security

Identifying the most common app vulnerabilities and how you can fix them

Learn more about Ed Kuzemchak

Ed founded Software Design Solutions (SDS) in 2003, focusing the company on embedded systems software development, and led the growth of the company from inception to its acquisition by Applied Visions in September 2016. Prior to founding SDS, Ed was chief software architect for the digital signal processing (DSP) tools group at Texas Instruments. He joined Texas Instruments as part of the acquisition of the Carnegie Mellon spin off Tartan Laboratories, which developed highly optimized compiler technology for embedded systems. His career began at Raytheon Missile Systems, where he led the compiler team for the Patriot Missile system.

Ed holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh. He is the author of several patents on embedded systems software. Ed developed this presentation to provide actionable takeaways for the Industrial IoT industry.