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Ed Kuzemchak’s Speaker Notes from IDTechEx 2018 on November 15th

Ed Kuzemchak’s IDTechEx 2018 presentation discussed the unique characteristics of Industrial IoT systems as compared to IoT deployments in consumer, retail, and other domains.

Machine learning (ML) is something that really needs to occur at the Edge of the IoT

In this week’s Five Minutes with…discussion with Ed Kuzemchak, CTO and Director of IoT for Software Design Solutions, we discussed what’s required to make ML at the Edge a reality.

Extracting value from data analytics

Ed Kuzemchak of Software Design Solutions tells us what IoT really is and is not, and how to extract value from it. We discuss how Ed started his business on the premise of data analytics, and his view on the differences between consumer and industrial IoT from a data point of view.

Exploring Complexities & Opportunities of IoT

Ed Kuzemchak, Software Design Solutions Founder & CTO, talks about navigating the complexities, opportunities and insights into the future of IoT.

IIoT series: Current issues and applications

IIoT use is advancing rapidly in industrial environments, while highlighting some wide-ranging issues that touch technological, legal, and social concerns.

Ed Kuzemchak presents at Sensors Midwest on Oct 17th, 2018

Ed delivers a breakthrough presentation at Sensors Midwest 2018 outlining the unique benefits of Fog-based Machine Learning and Industrial IoT.

Ed Kuzemchak presents at Fog World Congress – Oct 1-3, 2018

Ed delivers a breakthrough presentation at Fog World Congress 2018 outlining the unique benefits of Fog-based Machine Learning and Industrial IoT.

Innovation at Work interviews Ed Kuzemchak – September 14, 2018

From growing up on a farm, to leading innovation in technology, Ed Kuzemchak joins us from Software Design Solutions in the United States of America. Ed founded Software Design Solutions and grew his company into becoming an IoT powerhouse providing consulting and development in software and hardware embedded systems.

Ed Kuzemchak presents at Internet of Things Dev Con – June 6, 2018

Industrial IoT systems often have legacy sensors and limited bandwidth up to the cloud. Situated between the legacy Edge and the too-far-away Cloud is a layer that has come to be known in IoT as the Fog, the on-premise processing of data. The Fog is the perfect place for doing the heavy lifting of machine learning (ML) in an IoT system.